Welcome to the Couponing Tree!

Our goal is to simplify the “art” of couponing! We will help you save by sharing the best deals of the week, pointing you to printable coupons when available, and telling you which manufacture coupons are out there!  We will also direct you to any store coupons available so that you can stack those and turn your weekly deals into big $avings for your family.

If you are NEW to Couponing or want to Learn the Basics, check out our new series on Becoming a Couponer!

Being a “couponer” is more than just clipping out a few coupons from the Sunday paper and remembering to use them the next time you shop!  Couponing also involves watching the weekly ads from your local grocers and/or drug stores each and every week.  We have links on our menu bar pointing to a few of our favorite places to shop, and listing their weekly ads and deals!  The HOT HOT HOT section, found on the menu bar, can point you to some really hot deals–so check back often.

If you are new to couponing, read our “coupon language,” and “couponing tips” pages.  Also get to know your favorite store’s coupon policy.  By knowing which coupons they allow and their other coupon rules, you will know how to plan better and will see your savings grow.

We know that $aving money involves more than just cutting down on your grocery bill each week.  Take a look at our household savings information and share your savings tips there as well!

We want to address the term “Extreme Couponing.”   An Extreme coupon shopper is one that plans out their shopping trips by looking at the weekly sales and combining coupons with those sales to reach the highest savings.  Many of us do have a small stockpile of items in our pantry.  This stockpile contains enough of any given product that our family uses, that was purchased at the lowest price possible, so that we do not run out of those products before they go on sale again.  Nearly all products will go on sale and will be at their lowest prices at least once every 4-6 weeks.  So if my family eats spaghetti once a week, I am going to make sure I have enough pasta and sauce for about 6 weeks.  If my family goes through 3 rolls of paper towels in one week, I am going to make sure we have about 18 rolls of paper towels in the stockpile.  Some of you may have already seen an episode or two of the TLC program, “Extreme Couponing.”   There are some things you need to know if the TV program has motivated you to begin couponing.  First, the shopping trips you see on the show are not typical “couponing” trips.  They usually show people saving anywhere from 90-96% on their shopping orders.  While this is possible on a rare occasion, most couponers find that the average savings over a month is between 50-70%.  Second, the show also shows people that have stockpiles of items that are way over the top!  Most people do not need their own grocery store in their own home.  It is important to remember that most products have a shelf life and clearly the expiration dates should always be watched carefully.  Third, the show gives viewers the impression that all stores allow customers to make multiple transactions in one trip and/or to purchase several of the same products and use several same product coupons on the same order.  Many of the stores that the shoppers on the TV program have gone to, have admitted that they allowed the shoppers from the show to “bend” the rules!  So while it is great that the show may show people that the use of coupons can save your family money, it is important that you know in real life most people do not save 90% on thier orders and do not have huge rooms that are used just for stockpiling!

Please note that we can all learn from sharing with one another.  We hope that you will comment on our posts and let us know about deals we have possibly missed.  Also let us know if certain deals did not work out for one reason or another.  We value your opinions and your knowledge!

If you would like a quick look at our recent posts, you can find the link under the home button on our menu bar or look here.


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14 Responses to Welcome

  1. Angela Muna says:

    Good Job, ladies!!!!

    • Lori says:

      Thanks Angela! We hope you come back after the dust settles! We would love to know what visitors think we should add, delete or elaborate on! We want to help others learn to $ave too! :)

  2. Robin Howard says:

    Page looks great, very easy to find info needed, Great Job!!!

  3. Lisa Cook (Lisa Burke Cook) says:

    Absolutely LOVE the new site, very easy to find info, fast easy load of coupons! Kudo’s to a job well done y’all!

  4. Marina says:

    You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  5. Hellen Ramirez says:

    Appreciated the share!

  6. Shellie Cadogan says:

    As someone new to the exploration of couponing…this is awesome!

  7. Robin H. says:

    Got my coupons in the mail today, Thanks!

  8. Lisa Burke Cook says:

    I am so happy y’all are in my area and give us match ups as I use this every time I go shopping! Thanks so much!!

  9. Angela says:

    Keep up the good work Lori and Tess

  10. Diane says:

    Lori, I was thinking why don’t you give a coupon class, say like a party to help some of us understand the couponing a littel better. It could be fun and you could give a way coupons as door prizes, or for some games, but the idea would be to get people to learn and understand couponing and also help spread the word about your website as well. so what do you think? It could be held anywhere and get people to RSVP. Someones home or a rec center or a restaurant. It would be fun, so again what do you think? Oh by the way you are doing a great job on your website.

  11. Culbert says:

    I wanted information about this on Aol and discovered your post. I found it nice clear. Cheers

  12. Mary Jane Humes says:

    I just found your site. Do you have a newsletter? I would love to be on your list. Thank you.

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